Career Opportunities

The EMINENT programme is designed to prepare graduates for the full range of professional role in the developing sector of embedded intelligence nanosystems engineering, covering aspects of:

• Functional Materials
• Embedded Intelligent Sensorics
• Natural Materials and Biosensors
• Internet of Things
• Sensor Systems and Data Processing

The programme aims at providing master’s students with a holistic state-of-the-art knowledge, skills and competences to be able to upscale the fabrication, using green chemistry, of functional nanomaterials to sustainable powered Edge intelligence systems such as printed integrated sensing elements for environmental and biomedical applications. This education is complimented by obtain abilities in entrepreneurship, soft skills, intercultural environment and digital transformation.

Job Roles (i.a.):

• R&D
• Embedded systems design
• Sensor system development
• Edge computing system engineering
• Application design of nanomaterials and nanostructures
• Autonomous system development
• Biosensing system design
• Low energy computing
• IOT deployment management and coordination
• Academic Education


• Materials science
• Material processing
• Manufacturers and implementors of measuring, control and automation systems
• Industrial digitisation
• Industry 4.0
• E-economy
• E-Automotive
• Communication and Robotics
• Remote Work
• Biosensing and medical suppliers
• Consultancies
• Delocalised energy production and distribution
• Sensing and sensor data processing