Future ubiquitous digital technologies are a keystone in the global efforts in advanced automatization, environmental monitoring, and climate protection, driven by the overarching Green Deal vision. The underlying demand in cross-sectional “sensing” and “sense-making” intelligent technologies result in a continuous convergence of the fields of nanotechnology, edge intelligence and smart perceptive sensor systems, merging them into embedded intelligence nanosystems. As a consequence, there is an increasing demand at economic and academic level for human talents with a corresponding broader, more generalist educational background. This demand is further amplified by the envisioned transition of Europe, from presently predominantly being a consumer of digital hardware towards a global leader and provider of IoT and CPS technologies.

The EMINENT master’s programme provides students with such a holistic education in embedded intelligence nanosystems engineering. It combines advanced training starting from the nanoscale material and device technology to the computing architectures of intelligent sensing elements, including the perspectives of macroscale integrated systems and meaningful IoT application areas. It joins excellent research and innovation oriented educational expertise across Europe, extending in this case from Portugal in the West to Lithuania in the East. This approach is absolutely unique on the European level and thereby provides unique benefits and opportunities for the students enrolled in the programme:

• Broad technological and educational expertise, and the research and innovation infrastructure, typically unavailable at a singular institution

• In depth curriculum on embedded intelligence nanosystems engineering complimented by topical specialisation tracks and digital, entrepreneurial and soft skills

• Training across existing disciplinary barriers

• Collaborative education in close contact with associated industrial partners and their networks in the employment market

• Learning beyond cultural barriers, enabling easier moves between countries

• Integrated and coordinated enhanced mobility plan

• Joint degree awarded by the participating academic institutions

• Consideration of all admitted students for the award of a scholarship

• EMINENT support service: Enrolment Advisors, visa support, welcome days, mentoring system, Alumni Club, career service, disability support