Curriculum & Degree

EMINENT is a two-years master’s programme (120 ECTS). Students will spend their studies at 2 – 4 different universities. All courses are given in English language. Graduates from the EMINENT programme will receive a joint degree, awarded by those universities they have physically studied at for at least one semester. All students spend their first semester at the Hellenic Mediterranean University and gain basic knowledge on functional nanomaterials. The second semester will be spent by all students at the University of Siegen, focussing on sensors, sensing devices and embedded systems.  The knowledge acquired in the first year will be the basis for the specialisation tracks, chosen in the third semester.

Specialisation tracks
1. Specialisation into embedded intelligent sensorics (USIEGEN, Germany)
2. Functional materials with optoelectronic properties (HMU, Greece)
3. Internet of Things (UO, France)
4. Natural materials and biosensors (UNL, Portugal)
5. Advanced sensor systems and data processing (VILNIUS TECH, Lithuania)

1st Semester - Fundamentals of Functional Materials: Properties, Fabrication Processes and Characterisation (30 ECTS) Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU)

Journal Club and Research Skills 7.5
Chemistry of Materials 7.5
Graphene and 2D Materials & Devices 7.5
Winter School – Introduction of Specialisation Tracks 3
Technology Exploitation 4.5
Polymer Electronics 4.5
Condensed Matter for Semi-conductor Physics 4.5



2nd Semester - Fundamentals of Sensors, Devices and Embedded Systems (30 ECTS) University of Siegen (USIEGEN)

Optoelectronics 6
Semiconductor Electronics 6
Embedded Systems 6
Microelectronics for EMINENT
Summer School 3
Advanced Semiconductor and Microelectronics 6
Physics of nano-electronic devices 6
Synthetic Aperture Radar 6
Professional Design Experience Project 6
StartUp Entrepreneurship 6



3rd Semester - Specialisation in Functional Materials with Optoelectronic Properties (30ECTS) Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU)

Research Lab Course: Devices Processing Techniques and
Characterisation Methods
Energy Devices (Solar Cells and Batteries) 7.5
Nanomaterials for Energy 7.5
Skills and Ethics in Science 7.5
Principles of Lasers 7.5



3rd Semester - Specialisation in Embedded Intelligent Sensorics (30 ECTS) University of Siegen (USIEGEN)

Digital 2D 3D Image Sensing 6
Research Lab Course: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for EMINENT
Deep Learning 6
Micro-electronic Sensors 6
Embedded Control 6
Nanotechnology 6
Practical Course Communications Technology 6
Semiconductor Electronics Design 6



3rd Semester - Specialisation in Natural Materials and Biosensors (30 ECTS) NOVA University Lisbon (UNL)

Biosensors 6
Paper and cellulosic materials 6
Soft Skill Course 3
Research Lab Course 9
Environmental Monitoring and big data 3
Sensors: Materials and applications 6
Adv. Programming for Data Science and Engineering 6
Molecular Diagnostics 3



3rd Semester - Specialisation in Internet of Things and Robotics (30 ECTS) University of Orléans (UO)

Processor architectures 3
Data analytics 5
Robotics 1 5
Control 1 5
Research Lab Course: IoT and data exploitation 3
Full-stack integration 5
Data transmission 2
Servers and database 2
Smartphones 2
Cybersecurity 2



3rd Semester - Specialisation in Sensor Systems and Data Processing (30 ECTS) Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH)

Intelligent Systems 6
Microcontrollers of ARM Architecture 9
Research Lab Course: Internet of Things (with course project) 9
High Frequency Circuit Design 6
Data Mining Techniques 6
Data Centres 6
Hydropower and Biofuel 6



4th Semester - MSc Thesis Implementation (30 ECTS)