Application Process

When is the application deadline for EMINENT Programme?

The application deadline is March 1st. Accepted candidates begin their studies in Greece in September of the same year.

Where should I sublit my application?

The online application form will be available online on this website during the application period. Please note that the form can only be filled in during the application period.


How expensive is accomodation?

Prices for accommodation vary between our partner cities and on whether you choose to live in a shared flat, student dormitory, or private apartment. You can find a rough estimate under “cost of living”.

Where can I get help in finding accommodation?

Our International Offices can give you advise in finding accommodation. In addition, you can find some recommendations in the EMINENT manual that will be sent to all accepted students by email.

Language Requirement

What are the language requirements to participate in the EMINENT programme?

EMINENT students need to be fluent in English. During the application process you need to proof your English skills by submitting at least a B2 level validated by a certification. Candidates that have obtained their bachelor’s (or master’s) degree in a study course taught in the English language in an EU country or in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the USA, or Switzerland do not require an English test result. For nationals of countries where English is the ONLY native language, proof of English language skills is also not required. All courses will be taught in English. But if you are interested in taking a local language course in addition, please contact the respective International Office.

Application Documents

How do I have to submit my application documents?

All the documents should be submitted online. All the enclosures must be uploaded in pdf-format on the online application form. No other formats will be accepted or reviewed during the selection process.

Do I require a letter of motivation?

The application and admission requirements can be found on the requirements section.

When will the personal interviews take place?

The best applicants will be invited to a 10-15 minute interview with one of the EMINENT lecturers. The interviews will be held between the beginning of March and the beginning of May

Scholarship and Fees

What are the requirements to be selected for Scholarship?

All eligible applications submitted before the deadline will be considered both, for admission and for the award of a scholarship. The awarding of a scholarship will be based on the student’s evaluation result as well as on his/her country of origin, as we must ensure geographical balance when awarding scholarships.

Do I need to pay tuition fees?

No tuition fees will be requested from EMINENT students. The only mandatory costs will be the semester fees at USIEGEN and the registration fees at VILNIUS TECH. The semester fees at USIEGEN (322 €) cover the semester ticket, solidarity contributions and social contributions to the Student Union. These fees only have to be paid for the semesters that the students physically spend at USIEGEN.

Students who choose the specialisation track at VILNIUS TECH have to pay 200 € (one-time payment, regardless of the number of semesters) in order to enrol. For scholarship holders, the fees at VILNIUS TECH will be covered by the consortium.